Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 13. Viatical Settlements

Rules -- Standards -- Bond

33-20-1315. Rules -- standards -- bond. The commissioner may, in accordance with the provisions of 33-1-313, adopt rules for the purpose of carrying out this part. In addition, the commissioner:

(1) may establish standards for evaluating reasonableness of payments under viatical settlement contracts for insured individuals who are terminally ill or chronically ill. The authority includes but is not limited to regulation of discount rates used to determine the amount paid in exchange for assignment, transfer, sale, devise, or bequest of a benefit under a life insurance policy. For the purpose of the standards, the commissioner shall consider payments made in regional and national viatical settlement markets to the extent that this information is available, as well as model standards developed by the national association of insurance commissioners. When the insured is not terminally ill or chronically ill, the commissioner may not establish standards for evaluating the reasonableness of payments, except that a viatical settlement provider shall pay an amount greater than the greater of the cash surrender value or the accelerated death benefit then available.

(2) shall require a bond or other mechanism for financial accountability of viatical settlement providers and viatical settlement brokers; and

(3) shall adopt rules to establish:

(a) trade practice standards for the purpose of regulating advertising and solicitation of viatical settlement contracts;

(b) fees that are commensurate with fees charged pursuant to 33-2-708; and

(c) the continuing education program provided for in 33-20-1303(5).

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