Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Requirements for Certain Individual Coverages

Coverage Of Newborn Under Disability Policy

33-22-301. Coverage of newborn under disability policy. (1) Each policy of disability insurance or certificate issued must contain a provision granting immediate accident and sickness coverage, from and after the moment of birth, to each newborn infant of any insured.

(2) The coverage for newborn infants must be the same as provided by the policy for the other covered persons. However, for newborn infants there may not be waiting or elimination periods. A deductible or reduction in benefits applicable to the coverage for newborn infants is not permissible unless it conforms and is consistent with the deductible or reduction in benefits applicable to all other covered persons.

(3) A policy or certificate of insurance may not be issued or amended in this state if it contains any disclaimer, waiver, or other limitation of coverage relative to the accident and sickness coverage or insurability of newborn infants of an insured from and after the moment of birth.

(4) The policy or contract may require notification of the birth of a child and payment of a required premium or subscription fee to be furnished to the insurer or nonprofit or indemnity corporation within 31 days of the birth in order to have the coverage extend beyond 31 days.

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