Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 18. Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act

Qualifications For Voluntary Purchasing Pool

33-22-1815. Qualifications for voluntary purchasing pool. A voluntary purchasing pool of disability insurance purchasers may be formed solely for the purpose of obtaining disability insurance upon compliance with the following provisions:

(1) It contains at least 51 eligible employees.

(2) It establishes requirements for membership. The voluntary purchasing pool shall accept for membership any small employers and may accept for membership any employers with at least 51 eligible employees that otherwise meet the requirements for membership. However, the voluntary purchasing pool may not exclude any small employers that otherwise meet the requirements for membership on the basis of claim experience, occupation, or health status.

(3) It holds an open enrollment period at least once a year during which new members can join the voluntary purchasing pool.

(4) It offers coverage to eligible employees of member employers and to the employees' dependents. Coverage may not be limited to certain employees of member small employers except as provided in 33-22-1811(3)(c).

(5) It does not assume any risk or form self-insurance plans among its members.

(6) (a) Disability insurance policies, certificates, or contracts offered through the voluntary purchasing pool must rate the entire purchasing pool group as a whole and charge each insured person based on a community rate within the common group, adjusted for case characteristics as permitted by the laws governing group disability insurance.

(b) Rates for voluntary purchasing pool groups must be set pursuant to the provisions of 33-22-1809.

(c) At its discretion, premiums may be paid to the disability insurance policies, certificates, or contracts by the voluntary purchasing pool or by member employers.

(7) A person marketing disability insurance policies, certificates, or contracts for a voluntary purchasing pool must be licensed as an insurance producer.

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