Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 18. Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act

Collection Of Charges And Premiums

33-22-1817. Collection of charges and premiums. (1) All insurance or premiums collected by a voluntary purchasing pool on behalf of or for an insurer and all return premiums received from the insurer are held by the voluntary purchasing pool in a fiduciary capacity. These funds must be remitted immediately to the person entitled to them or must be deposited promptly in a fiduciary bank account established and maintained by the administrator of the voluntary purchasing pool. If deposited charges or premiums are collected on behalf of or for more than one insurer, the voluntary purchasing pool shall either keep or require the bank in which the fiduciary account is maintained to keep records clearly recording the deposits to and withdrawals from the account on behalf of each insurer. The voluntary purchasing pool shall promptly obtain and keep copies of all these records and shall, upon request of an insurer, furnish the insurer with copies of the records pertaining to deposits and withdrawals on behalf of or for the insurer.

(2) The voluntary purchasing pool may not pay a claim by withdrawals from the fiduciary account. Withdrawals from the fiduciary account must be made, as provided in the written agreement between the voluntary purchasing pool and the insurer, for:

(a) remittance to an insurer entitled to the remittance;

(b) deposit in an account maintained in the name of the insurer;

(c) payment to a group policyholder for remittance to the insurer entitled to the payment; or

(d) remittance of return premiums to the person entitled to the premium.

History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 375, L. 1995.