Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Operations

Legal Investments

33-28-202. Legal investments. (1) (a) An industrial insured captive insurance company, an association captive insurance company, and a captive risk retention group shall comply with the investment requirements contained in Title 33, chapter 12, and the rules promulgated in accordance with these provisions.

(b) The commissioner may approve the use of alternative reliable methods of valuation and rating.

(c) When a captive insurance company's admitted assets total less than $5 million, the commissioner may approve an investment of up to 20% of admitted assets in rated credit instruments in any one investment that meets the requirements of 33-12-303(1)(c).

(2) A pure captive insurance company or protected cell captive insurance company is not subject to any restrictions on allowable investments, except that the commissioner may prohibit or limit any investment that threatens the solvency or liquidity of the company.

(3) Any captive insurance company may make loans to any of its affiliates. Loans may not be made without prior written approval of the commissioner and must be evidenced by a note in a form approved by the commissioner. Loans of minimum capital and surplus funds required by 33-28-104 are prohibited.

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