Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Reinstatement

Reinstatement Of Dissolved Corporation -- Fee

35-6-201. Reinstatement of dissolved corporation -- fee. (1) The secretary of state may:

(a) reinstate any corporation that has been dissolved under the provisions of this chapter; and

(b) restore to the corporation its right to carry on business in this state and to exercise all its corporate privileges and immunities.

(2) A corporation applying for reinstatement shall submit to the secretary of state the application, executed by a person who was an officer or director at the time of dissolution, setting forth:

(a) the name of the corporation;

(b) a statement that the assets of the corporation have not been liquidated pursuant to 35-2-726 and 35-2-727;

(c) a statement that not less than a majority of its directors have authorized the application for reinstatement; and

(d) if its corporate name has been legally acquired by another corporation prior to its application for reinstatement, the corporate name under which the corporation desires to be reinstated.

(3) The corporation shall submit with its application for reinstatement:

(a) a certificate from the department of revenue stating that all taxes imposed pursuant to Title 15 have been paid;

(b) a filing fee, which must be set and deposited by the secretary of state in accordance with 2-15-405; and

(c) all annual reports not yet filed with the secretary of state.

(4) When all requirements are met and the secretary of state reinstates the corporation to its former rights, the secretary of state shall:

(a) conform and file in the secretary of state's office reports, statements, and other instruments submitted for reinstatement;

(b) immediately issue and deliver to the corporation that is reinstated a certificate of reinstatement authorizing it to transact business; and

(c) upon demand, issue to the corporation one or more certified copies of the certificate of reinstatement.

(5) The secretary of state may not order a reinstatement if 5 years have elapsed since the dissolution.

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