Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Registered Agents

Resignation Of Registered Agent

35-7-111. Resignation of registered agent. (1) A registered agent may resign at any time with respect to a represented entity by filing with the secretary of state a statement of resignation signed by or on behalf of the agent that states:

(a) the name of the entity;

(b) the name of the agent;

(c) that the agent resigns from serving as agent for service of process for the entity; and

(d) the name and address of the person to which the agent will send the notice required by subsection (3).

(2) A statement of resignation takes effect on the earlier of the 31st day after the day on which it is filed or the appointment of a new registered agent for the represented entity.

(3) The registered agent shall promptly furnish the represented entity notice in a record of the date on which a statement of resignation was filed.

(4) When a statement of resignation takes effect, the registered agent ceases to have responsibility for any matter tendered to it as agent for the represented entity. A resignation under this section does not affect any contractual rights the entity has against the agent or that the agent has against the entity.

(5) A registered agent may resign with respect to a represented entity whether or not the entity is in good standing.

History: En. Sec. 11, Ch. 240, L. 2007.