Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 9. Domestication and Conversion


35-14-930. Conversion. (1) By complying with 35-14-930 through 35-14-935, a domestic corporation may become:

(a) a domestic eligible entity; or

(b) a foreign eligible entity if the conversion is permitted by the organic law of the foreign entity.

(2) By complying with 35-14-930 through 35-14-935 and applicable provisions of its organic law, a domestic eligible entity may become a domestic corporation. If procedures for the approval of a conversion are not provided by the organic law or organic rules of a domestic eligible entity, the conversion must be adopted and approved in the same manner as a merger of that eligible entity. If the organic law or organic rules of a domestic eligible entity do not provide procedures for the approval of either a conversion or a merger, a plan of conversion may nonetheless be adopted and approved by the unanimous consent of all the interest holders of the domestic eligible entity. In either case, the conversion may then be effected as otherwise provided in 35-14-930 through 35-14-935. For purposes of applying 35-14-930 through 35-14-935:

(a) the eligible entity and its members or interest holders, eligible interests, and organic rules taken together are considered a domestic business corporation and its shareholders, shares, and articles of incorporation, respectively and vice versa, as the context may require; and

(b) if the business and affairs of the eligible entity are managed by a person or persons that are not identical to the members or interest holders, the person or persons are considered the board of directors.

(3) By complying with the provisions of 35-14-930 through 35-14-935 applicable to foreign entities, a foreign eligible entity may become a domestic corporation if the organic law of the foreign eligible entity permits it to become a business corporation in another jurisdiction.

(4) If a protected agreement of a domestic converting corporation in effect immediately before the conversion becomes effective contains a provision applying to a merger of the corporation that is a converting entity and the agreement does not refer to a conversion of the corporation, the provision applies to a conversion of the corporation as if the conversion were a merger until the first time the provision is amended after the enactment date.

History: En. Sec. 143, Ch. 271, L. 2019.