Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Dental Hygienists and Auxiliary Personnel

License -- Examination

37-4-402. License -- examination. (1) The department may issue licenses for the practice of dental hygiene to qualified applicants to be known as dental hygienists.

(2) Except as provided by rules adopted under 37-1-319, a person may not engage in the practice of dental hygiene or practice as a dental hygienist in this state until the person has passed an examination approved by the board under rules adopted by the board and has been issued a license by the department.

(3) An applicant for licensure shall submit an application that must include, when required:

(a) certification of successful completion of the national board written examination;

(b) certification of successful completion of a regional board practical examination;

(c) two affidavits of good moral character;

(d) a certificate of graduation from a board-approved dental hygiene school; and

(e) an application fee.

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