Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing

Qualifications For Licensure

37-6-302. Qualifications for licensure. (1) A person who wishes to begin the practice of podiatry in this state shall make application, on a form authorized by the board and furnished by the department, for a license to practice podiatry.

(2) A person may not be granted a license to practice podiatry in this state unless the person:

(a) is of good moral character as determined by the board;

(b) is a graduate of a school of podiatry approved by the board;

(c) has completed at least 1 year of postgraduate training or has had equivalent experience or training approved by the board;

(d) has made a personal appearance before the board; and

(e) has passed an examination administered by the national board of podiatry examiners and is a diplomate of the national board of podiatry examiners.

(3) The board may waive the requirements described in subsection (2)(d).

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