Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General


37-7-103. Exemptions. Subject only to 37-2-104, 37-7-401, and 37-7-402, this chapter does not:

(1) subject a medical practitioner, as defined in 37-2-101, or a person who is licensed in this state to practice veterinary medicine to inspection by the board, prevent the person from compounding or using drugs, medicines, chemicals, or poisons in the person's practice, or prevent a medical practitioner from furnishing to a patient drugs, medicines, chemicals, or poisons that the person considers proper in the treatment of the patient;

(2) prevent the sale of drugs, medicines, chemicals, or poisons at wholesale;

(3) prevent the sale of drugs, chemicals, or poisons at either wholesale or retail for use for commercial purposes or in the arts;

(4) change any of the provisions of this code relating to the sale of insecticides and fungicides;

(5) prevent the sale of common household preparations and other drugs if the stores selling them are licensed under the terms of this chapter;

(6) apply to or interfere with manufacture, wholesaling, vending, or retailing of flavoring extracts, toilet articles, cosmetics, perfumes, spices, and other commonly used household articles of a chemical nature for use for nonmedicinal purposes;

(7) prevent a registered nurse employed by a family planning clinic under contract with the department of public health and human services from dispensing factory prepackaged contraceptives, other than mifepristone, if the dispensing is in accordance with a physician's written protocol specifying the circumstances under which dispensing is appropriate and is in accordance with the board's requirements for labeling, storage, and recordkeeping of drugs; or

(8) prevent a certified agency from possessing, or a certified euthanasia technician or support personnel under the supervision of the employing veterinarian from administering, any controlled substance authorized by the board of veterinary medicine for the purpose of euthanasia pursuant to Title 37, chapter 18, part 6.

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