Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 15. Prescription Drug Registry

Prescription Drug Registry -- Advisory Group

37-7-1510. Prescription drug registry -- advisory group. (1) The board shall establish an advisory group to provide information and advice about the development and operation of the registry, including but not limited to information on:

(a) the criteria for reporting information from the registry to prescribers and pharmacists;

(b) the design and implementation of educational courses about the registry;

(c) standards for evaluating the effectiveness of the registry; and

(d) administrative rules for establishing and maintaining the registry.

(2) The advisory group consists of but is not limited to representatives of:

(a) health care licensing boards that oversee health care providers who have authority to prescribe or dispense drugs;

(b) associations that represent health care professionals who have authority to prescribe or dispense drugs;

(c) associations that advocate for patients;

(d) entities involved in tribal health services or issues; and

(e) the department of justice provided for in 2-15-2001.

(3) The advisory group may identify other individuals for appointment to the group.

(4) The board shall establish rules for the conduct of advisory group business.

(5) The advisory group may not receive or access confidential health care information contained in the registry.

History: En. Sec. 11, Ch. 241, L. 2011.