Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Board of Nursing

Executive Director

37-8-204. Executive director. (1) The department shall hire an executive director to provide services to the board in connection with the board's duties of:

(a) prescribing curricula and standards for nursing schools and making surveys of and approving schools and courses;

(b) evaluating and approving courses for affiliation of student nurses; and

(c) reviewing qualifications of applicants for licensure.

(2) The department shall hire as the executive director an individual who:

(a) is a graduate of an approved school of nursing and who has at least a master's degree with postgraduate courses in nursing;

(b) is licensed as a registered professional nurse in Montana; and

(c) has experience in teaching or administration in an approved school of nursing and who has completed at least 3 years in the clinical practice of nursing.

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