Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing

License Required For Practice -- Unlawful Acts -- Injunction

37-10-301. License required for practice -- unlawful acts -- injunction. (1) A person may not:

(a) practice optometry in this state unless that person has first obtained a license;

(b) sell, barter, or offer to sell or barter a license issued by the department;

(c) purchase or procure by barter a license with intent to use the license as evidence of the holder's qualification to practice optometry;

(d) materially alter with fraudulent intent a license;

(e) use or attempt to use a license that has been purchased, fraudulently issued, counterfeited, or materially altered as a valid license;

(f) practice optometry under a false or assumed name;

(g) willfully make a materially false statement in an application for a license;

(h) advertise by displaying a sign or by otherwise claiming to be an optometrist without having at the time a valid license;

(i) replace or duplicate ophthalmic lenses with or without a prescription or to dispense ophthalmic lenses from prescriptions without having at the time a valid license as an optometrist. However, this subsection (1)(i) does not prevent an optical mechanic from:

(i) doing the merely mechanical work on an ophthalmic lens that is ordered on a prescription signed by a registered optometrist and is dispensed only by the optometrist or a person employed by the optometrist and who does so in the office of and under the direct personal supervision of an optometrist; or

(ii) replacing or duplicating an existing lens for glasses;

(j) take or make measurements for the purpose of fitting or adapting ophthalmic lenses to the human eye without having at the time a valid license. A person who takes or makes measurements or uses mechanical devices for this purpose or who, in the sale of spectacles, eyeglasses, or lenses, uses in the testing of the eyes lenses other than the lenses actually sold is practicing optometry. However, this section does not apply to the prescriptions of qualified optometrists when sent to a recognized optical laboratory.

(k) measure, fit, or adapt a lens to direct, contiguous contact to the human eyeball without having at the time a valid license as an optometrist.

(2) When the board has reasonable cause to believe that a person is violating this section or a rule issued under this chapter, the board may, in addition to other remedies provided in this chapter, bring an action for injunctive relief in district court in the county where the violation occurs to enjoin the person from engaging in or continuing the violation. The department may employ legal counsel to prosecute these actions. In these actions and on notice and hearing, an order or judgment may be entered awarding a temporary restraining order or final injunction as considered proper by the judge of the district court in the county where the violation occurred.

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