Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing

Investigation Of Complaints

37-12-322. Investigation of complaints. (1) The department may make an investigation whenever it is brought to its attention that there is reason to suspect that a person licensed to practice chiropractic:

(a) has a mental or physical condition that renders the person unable to safely engage in the practice of chiropractic;

(b) has been declared incompetent or has been committed pursuant to 53-21-127 by a court of competent jurisdiction and has not later been declared competent or released from supervision;

(c) has procured the license through mistake;

(d) has been guilty of unprofessional conduct;

(e) has practiced chiropractic while the license was suspended or revoked;

(f) has while under probation violated its terms.

(2) The investigation must be for the purpose of determining the probability of the existence of these conditions or the commission of these offenses and may, upon order of the board, include requiring the person to submit to a physical or mental examination, or both, by a physician or physicians selected by the board if it appears to be in the best interests of the public that this evaluation be secured. The board may examine the hospital records and reports of the licensee as part of the examination, and copies of these must be released to the board on written request.

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