Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Licensing

Limitation Of License Authority -- Exemptions

37-14-301. Limitation of license authority -- exemptions. (1) A person may not perform x-ray procedures on a person unless licensed or granted a limited permit under this chapter, with the following provisos:

(a) Licensure is not required for:

(i) a student enrolled in and attending a school or college of medicine, osteopathy, podiatry, dentistry, dental hygiene, chiropractic, or radiologic technology who applies x-ray radiation to persons under the specific direction of a person licensed to prescribe examinations or treatment;

(ii) a person administering x-ray examinations related to the practice of dentistry or denturitry if the person is certified by the board of dentistry as having passed an examination testing the person's proficiency to administer x-ray examinations;

(iii) a person who performs only darkroom procedures and is under the supervision of a licensed radiologic technologist or radiologist or is able to show evidence of completion of formal training in darkroom procedures as established by rule; or

(iv) a person who only operates industrial x-ray equipment that does not involve procedures administered on people.

(b) This chapter may not be construed to limit or affect in any respect the practice of their respective professions by licensed practitioners.

(2) A person licensed as a radiologic technologist may perform x-ray procedures on persons for medical, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes under the specific direction of a person licensed to prescribe x-ray procedures.

(3) A radiologic technologist licensed under this chapter may inject contrast media and radioactive isotopes (radionuclide material) intravenously by the use of venous puncture and saline solution flush upon request and direction of a licensed practitioner. In the case of contrast media, the licensed practitioner requesting the procedure, the radiologist, or personnel trained in advanced cardiac life support must be immediately available in the facility. Injections must be for diagnostic studies only and not for therapeutic purposes. Except as provided in 37-14-313, permitted injections include peripheral intravenous injections but specifically exclude intra-arterial injections. An uncertified radiologic technologist, a limited permit technician under 37-14-306, or an individual who is not licensed or authorized under a separate licensing act may not perform any of the activities listed in this subsection. A radiologist assistant licensed under 37-14-313 may give injections related to the procedures authorized by the board to be provided by a radiologist assistant without regard to the restrictions on radiologic technologists provided in this section, except that when contrast media is used, a licensed physician or additional medical personnel trained in advanced cardiac life support must be immediately available in the facility.

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