Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Board of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Powers And Duties Of Board And Department

37-15-202. Powers and duties of board and department. (1) The board shall:

(a) administer, coordinate, and enforce the provisions of this chapter;

(b) evaluate the qualifications of each applicant for a license as issued under this chapter and supervise the examination of applicants;

(c) conduct hearings and keep records and minutes as the board considers necessary to an orderly dispatch of business;

(d) adopt rules, including but not limited to those governing ethical standards of practice or standards for telehealth under this chapter;

(e) make recommendations to the governor and other state officials regarding new and revised programs and legislation related to speech-language pathology or audiology which could be beneficial to the citizens of the state of Montana;

(f) cause the prosecution and enjoinder of all persons violating this chapter, by the complaints of its secretary filed with the county attorney in the county where the violation took place, and incur necessary expenses for the prosecution;

(g) adopt a seal by which the board shall authenticate its proceedings; and

(h) extend compact privileges as described in 37-15-401.

(2) Copies of the proceedings, records, and acts of the board, signed by the presiding officer or secretary of the board and stamped with the seal, are prima facie evidence of the validity of the documents.

(3) The board may make rules that are reasonable or necessary for the proper performance of its duties and for the regulation of proceedings before it.

(4) The department may employ persons it considers necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

(5) The department shall prepare a report to the governor as required by law.

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