Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers

Powers And Duties

37-16-202. Powers and duties. (1) The powers and duties of the board are to:

(a) license persons who apply and are qualified to practice the fitting of hearing aids;

(b) establish a procedure to initiate or receive, investigate, and process complaints from any source concerning the activities of persons licensed under this chapter;

(c) adopt rules necessary to carry out this chapter;

(d) require the periodic inspection and calibration of audiometric testing equipment;

(e) initiate legal action to enjoin from operation a person engaged in the sale, dispensing, or fitting of hearing aids in this state that is not licensed under this chapter;

(f) adopt rules consistent with the provisions of 37-16-301, 37-16-303, 37-16-304, 37-16-402, 37-16-405, 37-16-408, and 37-16-411; and

(g) establish and adopt minimum requirements for the form of bills of sale and receipts.

(2) Rules adopted by the board pursuant to subsection (1)(f) may include but are not limited to rules defining the term "related devices" and other rules necessary to implement 37-16-301, 37-16-303, 37-16-304, 37-16-402, 37-16-405, 37-16-408, and 37-16-411.

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