Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Regulatory Provisions

Bill Of Sale

37-16-303. Bill of sale. A licensed hearing aid dispenser shall, upon the sale of a prescription hearing aid, deliver to the customer a bill of sale that must contain:

(1) the seller's signature and license number, the name and address of the seller's permanent place of business, and, if different from the permanent place of business, the address where the sale was concluded;

(2) a description of the make and type of the prescription hearing aid or related device furnished and the amount charged;

(3) any warranty or return policy provided or the lack of any warranty or return policy;

(4) the right to cancel, if applicable, under Title 30, chapter 14, part 5; and

(5) the following statement, in boldface, 12-point type: "If you have any questions regarding your consumer rights with respect to hearing aids, contact the State of Montana Hearing Aid Dispensers Program." The statement must also list the current website address and mailing address of the department.

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