Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing -- Veterinary Medicine

Application -- Qualification

37-18-302. Application -- qualification. A person desiring to begin the practice of veterinary medicine or veterinary surgery in this state or who desires to hold out to the public that the person is a practitioner of veterinary medicine or veterinary surgery, except as provided in 37-18-104, shall apply to the department for a license to do so. The application must be on a form furnished by the department, must be accompanied by satisfactory evidence of the good moral character of the applicant, and must contain evidence of the applicant's having received a degree from a legally authorized veterinary medical school having educational standards equal to those approved by the American veterinary medical association. On application, a certified transcript of the applicant must be submitted to the department for inspection and verification. The certified transcript remains the property of the department.

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