Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Board of Medical Examiners

Licensing Of Physician Assistants -- Collaborative Agreements

37-20-203. Licensing of physician assistants -- collaborative agreements. (1) The board may issue either an active or inactive license to a physician assistant applying for a license or license renewal in Montana.

(2) A physician assistant with fewer than 8,000 hours of postgraduate clinical experience shall practice medicine with a collaborative agreement between the physician assistant and one or more collaborating providers, who may be:

(a) a licensed physician; or

(b) a licensed physician assistant with 8,000 or more hours of postgraduate clinical experience.

(3) "Collaborative agreement" as used in this section means the interaction and relationship that a physician assistant has with a collaborating provider as described in subsection (2), in which:

(a) the physician assistant and collaborating provider are cognizant of the physician assistant's qualifications and limitations in caring for patients:

(b) the physician assistant consults with the collaborating provider while remaining responsible for care provided by the physician assistant; and

(c) the collaborating provider gives direction and guidance to the physician assistant.

(4) A physician assistant with a collaborative agreement under subsection (2) shall:

(a) practice under written policies and procedures established at a practice level that:

(i) describe how collaboration will occur in accordance with subsection (2); and

(ii) describe methods for evaluating the physician assistant's competency, knowledge, and skills; and

(b) provide a copy of the written policies and procedures and documentation of compliance under this subsection (4) to the board upon the board's request.

(5) A licensed physician assistant actively practicing for 8,000 hours prior to October 1, 2023, is exempt from the collaborative agreement requirement.

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