Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Supervision Agreements

Requirements For Use Of Physician Assistant -- Supervision Agreement -- Duties And Delegation Agreement -- Content -- Approval -- Filing

37-20-301. Requirements for use of physician assistant -- supervision agreement -- duties and delegation agreement -- content -- approval -- filing. (1) A physician, office, firm, state institution, or professional service corporation may not employ or make use of the services of a physician assistant in the practice of medicine, as defined in 37-3-102, and as provided in this chapter and a physician assistant may not be employed or practice as a physician assistant unless the physician assistant:

(a) is supervised by a physician licensed in this state;

(b) is licensed by the board;

(c) has submitted a physician assistant supervision agreement to the board on a form prescribed by the department; and

(d) has paid to the board the applicable fees required by the board.

(2) A supervising physician and the supervised physician assistant shall execute a duties and delegation agreement constituting a contract that defines the physician assistant's professional relationship with the supervising physician and the limitations on the physician assistant's practice under the supervision of the supervising physician. The agreement must be kept current, by amendment or substitution, to reflect changes in the duties of each party occurring over time. The board may by rule specify other requirements for the agreement. A physician assistant licensed by the board before October 1, 2005, shall execute a duties and delegation agreement with a supervising physician by October 1, 2006.

(3) A physician assistant and the physician assistant's supervising physician shall keep the supervision agreement and the duties and delegation agreement at their place of work and provide a copy upon request to a health care provider, a health care facility, a state or federal agency, the board, and any other individual who requests one.

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