Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Supervision Agreements

Exemptions From Licensure Requirement

37-20-303. Exemptions from licensure requirement. (1) This chapter does not prohibit or require a license as a physician assistant for the rendering of medical or medically related services if the service rendered is within the applicable scope of practice for any of the following individuals:

(a) a physician assistant providing services in an emergency or catastrophe, as provided in 37-20-410;

(b) a federally employed physician assistant;

(c) a registered nurse, an advanced practice registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, or a medication aide licensed or authorized pursuant to Title 37, chapter 8;

(d) a student physician assistant when practicing in a hospital or clinic in which the student is training;

(e) a physical therapist licensed pursuant to Title 37, chapter 11;

(f) a medical assistant, as provided in 37-3-104;

(g) an emergency care provider licensed pursuant to Title 50, chapter 6; or

(h) any other medical or paramedical practitioner, specialist, or medical assistant, technician, or aide when licensed or authorized pursuant to laws of this state.

(2) A licensee or other individual referred to in subsection (1) who is not a licensed physician assistant may not use the title "PA" or "PA-C" or any other word or abbreviation to indicate or induce others to believe that the individual is a physician assistant.

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