Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Application And Administration Of Topical Medications -- Prescription, Purchasing, And Recordkeeping Requirements

37-24-108. Application and administration of topical medications -- prescription, purchasing, and recordkeeping requirements. (1) A licensed occupational therapist who meets the requirements of 37-24-106 may apply or administer topical medications by:

(a) direct application;

(b) iontophoresis, a process in which topical medications are applied through the use of electricity; or

(c) phonophoresis, a process in which topical medications are applied through the use of ultrasound.

(2) A licensed occupational therapist may apply or administer the following topical medications:

(a) bactericidal agents;

(b) debriding agents;

(c) anesthetic agents;

(d) anti-inflammatory agents;

(e) antispasmodic agents; and

(f) adrenocorticosteroids.

(3) (a) Topical medications applied or administered by a licensed occupational therapist must be prescribed on a specific or standing basis by a licensed medical practitioner authorized to order or prescribe topical medications and must be purchased from a pharmacy certified under 37-7-321.

(b) Topical medications dispensed under this section must comply with packaging and labeling guidelines developed by the board of pharmacy under Title 37, chapter 7.

(4) A licensed occupational therapist who applies or administers topical medications shall keep appropriate records with respect to those medications.

History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 101, L. 2003.