Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Scope of Practice

Practice Of Naturopathic Health Care -- Alternative Health Care Formulary Committee

37-26-301. Practice of naturopathic health care -- alternative health care formulary committee. (1) Naturopathic physicians may practice naturopathic medicine as a limited practice of the healing arts as exempted in 37-3-103(1)(m), with the following restrictions. A naturopathic physician may not:

(a) prescribe, dispense, or administer any legend drug, as defined in 50-31-301, except for whole gland thyroid; homeopathic preparations; the therapeutic substances, drugs, and therapies described in subsection (2); and oxytocin (pitocin), provided that the naturopathic physician may administer but may not prescribe or dispense oxytocin (pitocin);

(b) administer ionizing radioactive substances for therapeutic purposes;

(c) perform surgical procedures except those minor surgery procedures authorized by this chapter; or

(d) claim to practice any licensed health care profession or system of treatment other than naturopathic medicine unless holding a separate license in that profession.

(2) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe, administer, and dispense for preventive and therapeutic purposes the following therapeutic substances, drugs, and therapies, as well as drugs as specified by the formulary list provided for in subsection (3):

(a) food, food extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, whole gland thyroid, botanical medicines, homeopathic preparations, and oxytocin (pitocin);

(b) topical drugs, health care counseling, nutritional counseling and dietary therapy, naturopathic physical applications, therapeutic devices, and nonprescription drugs; and

(c) barrier devices for contraception, naturopathic childbirth attendance, and minor surgery.

(3) A five-member alternative health care formulary committee appointed by the board shall establish a formulary list. The committee consists of a licensed pharmacist plus four members of the board, two of whom must be licensed naturopathic physicians, one who must be a licensed medical doctor, and one who must be a public member. The list may not go beyond the scope of substances covered by approved naturopathic college curricula or continuing education and must be reviewed annually by the committee. Changes to the list that are recommended by the committee and accepted by the board must be published as administrative rules.

(4) Naturopathic physicians may perform or order for diagnostic purposes a physical or orificial examination, ultrasound, phlebotomy, clinical laboratory test or examination, physiological function test, and any other noninvasive diagnostic procedure commonly used by physicians in general practice and as authorized by 37-26-201(2).

(5) If the place where a naturopath maintains an office for the practice of naturopathy is more than 10 miles from a place of business that sells and dispenses the drugs a naturopath may prescribe under subsection (2), then, to the extent the drugs are not available within 10 miles of the naturopath's office, the naturopath may sell the drugs that are unavailable.

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