Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing

Qualifications Of Applicants For License To Teach

37-31-305. Qualifications of applicants for license to teach. (1) An applicant for a license to teach under this chapter:

(a) must have a license to practice issued by the department in the particular area of practice or scope of practice, in which the person plans to teach;

(b) must have been actively engaged in that particular area of practice for 12 continuous months before taking the teacher's examination;

(c) must have:

(i) completed teacher training and received a diploma from a school authorized to offer a course of study in teacher training as prescribed by the board by rule; or

(ii) have 3 years of experience in that particular area of practice. A person who qualifies for a license under this subsection (1)(c)(ii) has 2 years to complete board-approved coursework related to teaching methodology before a license to teach is renewed.

(d) except as provided in subsection (2), must have passed the examination prescribed by the board by rule to qualify for licensure; and

(e) shall file an application provided by the board.

(2) The board shall issue a license to teach under this chapter, without examination, to a person licensed in another state if the board determines that:

(a) the other state's course of study hour requirement is equal to or greater than the hour requirement in this state; and

(b) the person's license from the other state is current and the person is not subject to pending or final disciplinary action for unprofessional conduct or impairment.

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