Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 3. Licensing

License Required

37-43-302. License required. (1) The drilling, making, or construction of water wells and monitoring wells is declared to be a business and activity affecting the public interest and requiring reasonable standards of competence. Except as provided in subsection (2), it is unlawful for any water well contractor, water well driller, or monitoring well constructor to construct, alter, or rehabilitate a water well or a monitoring well without first having obtained a valid license therefor as provided for in this chapter. An individual who is licensed as a water well contractor is not required to have a separate water well driller's license to perform the actual construction work on the well or a separate license to install monitoring wells.

(2) A license is not required for:

(a) a person who drills, alters, or rehabilitates a water or monitoring well on land that is owned or leased by the person if:

(i) the land is used by the person for farming, ranching, or agricultural purposes or as the person's residence;

(ii) the person obtains a permit from the board; and

(iii) the construction of the well conforms to the minimum construction standards for water or monitoring wells set by board rule; or

(b) an apprentice water well driller who performs labor or services for a licensed water well contractor or driller in connection with the drilling of a water well at the direction and under the personal supervision of a licensed water well contractor or driller.

(3) (a) To obtain a permit under subsection (2)(a), a person shall file with the department an application containing the applicant's name and mailing address, the location of the proposed well, the nature of the applicant's ownership interest in the property on which the well is to be located, the construction or installation method to be used, and the use for the proposed well.

(b) The board shall promptly issue a permit if it finds that:

(i) the well is located on land that the applicant owns or leases and that the applicant uses for farming, ranching, or agricultural purposes or as the applicant's residence; and

(ii) the construction or installation method to be used meets the minimum standards for water wells or monitoring wells set by board rule.

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