Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Board of Outfitters

Powers And Duties Of Board Relating To Outfitters And Guides

37-47-201. Powers and duties of board relating to outfitters and guides. The board shall:

(1) cooperate with the federal government in matters of mutual concern regarding the business of outfitting and guiding in Montana;

(2) enforce the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted pursuant to this chapter;

(3) establish outfitter standards and guide standards;

(4) adopt:

(a) rules to administer and enforce this chapter, including rules prescribing all requisite qualifications for licensure as an outfitter or guide. Qualifications for outfitters may include training, testing, experience, and knowledge of rules of governmental bodies pertaining to outfitting.

(b) any reasonable rules, not in conflict with this chapter, necessary for safeguarding the public health, safety, and welfare, including evidence of qualification and licensure under this chapter for any person practicing or offering to practice as an outfitter or guide;

(c) rules specifying components and standards for review and approval of operations plans. Operations plans must:

(i) be updated at least annually if there has been a substantive change; and

(ii) indicate all forms of use of private land acreage where licensed outfitters are authorized by the landowner to operate, except for the use of private lands that allow unrestricted public access and are managed under cooperative agreements with adjacent public lands.

(d) rules establishing outfitter reporting requirements; and

(e) rules specifying what constitutes an emergency for which an outfitter's assistant may be hired, standards for outfitter's assistants, and documentation standards for proof of employment or retention required of outfitter's assistants. The rules must also identify data that may be collected regarding use of outfitter's assistants.

(5) hold hearings and proceedings to suspend or revoke licenses of outfitters and guides for due cause; and

(6) maintain records of net client hunter use.

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