Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing

License Required -- Services Performed -- Standards

37-47-301. License required -- services performed -- standards. (1) A person may not act as an outfitter or guide or advertise or otherwise represent to the public that the person is an outfitter or guide without first securing a license in accordance with the provisions of this part.

(2) Whenever an outfitter is engaged by a participant, the outfitter shall keep records as required by the board.

(3) Outfitters, guides, and other employees of an outfitter may not shoot, kill, or take big game animals for or in competition with those employing them while acting as outfitters, guides, or employees of an outfitter.

(4) Outfitters utilizing lands under the control of the United States government shall obtain the proper permits required by the government office responsible for the area in which the outfitter intends to operate and shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations established for these lands.

(5) Outfitters may not willfully and substantially misrepresent their facilities, prices, equipment, services, or hunting or fishing opportunities.

(6) Outfitters and their contractors, employees, agents, and representatives shall take every reasonable measure to provide the outfitter's advertised services.

(7) An outfitter may not hire or retain a guide who does not hold a current license as provided under this part.

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