Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Licensing


37-47-304. Application. (1) Each applicant for an outfitter's or guide's license shall apply for a license on a form furnished by the department.

(2) The application for an outfitter's license must include:

(a) the applicant's full name, address, conservation license number, and telephone number;

(b) the applicant's years of experience as an outfitter or guide; and

(c) components of the outfitter's operations plan as required by board rule, which may include:

(i) an affidavit by the outfitter to the board that the amount and kind of equipment that is owned, leased, or contracted for by the applicant is sufficient and satisfactory for the services advertised or contemplated to be performed by the applicant; and

(ii) a description of any land, water body, or portion of a water body that will be utilized by the applicant while providing services. A description is not required for the use of private lands that allow unrestricted public access and are managed under cooperative agreements with adjacent public lands.

(3) An application for an outfitter's license must be in the name of an individual person only. An application involving a business entity must be made by one individual person who qualifies under the provisions of this part. A license issued pursuant to this part must be in the name of that person. Any revocation or suspension of a license is binding upon the individual person and the business entity for the use and benefit of which the license was originally issued.

(4) Application must be made to and filed with the board.

(5) Only one application for an outfitter's license may be made in any license year. If an application is denied, subsequent applications by the same applicant for the license year involved are void, except as provided in 37-47-308.

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