Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Board of Public Accountants

Rules Of Board

37-50-203. Rules of board. (1) The board may adopt rules, consistent with the purposes of this chapter, that it considers necessary.

(2) The board shall adopt:

(a) rules of professional conduct appropriate to establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, dignity, and competency in the profession of public accounting, including competency in specific fields of public accounting;

(b) rules governing education requirements, as provided in 37-50-305, for issuance of the license of a certified public accountant;

(c) rules defining requirements for accounting experience, not exceeding 2 years, for issuance of the initial license; and

(d) rules to enforce the provisions of this chapter. The purpose of the rules is to provide for the monitoring of the profession of public accounting and to maintain the quality of the accounting profession.

(3) The board may adopt rules:

(a) governing firms and other types of entities practicing public accounting, including but not limited to rules concerning style, name, title, and affiliation with other organizations; and

(b) establishing education and experience qualifications for out-of-state and foreign accountants seeking licenses to practice in Montana.

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