Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Licensure

Temporary Registration Of Certification And Licensure Of Out-Of-State Appraisers

37-54-212. Temporary registration of certification and licensure of out-of-state appraisers. (1) The board shall recognize on a temporary basis the certificate or license of an appraiser issued by another state if:

(a) the appraiser's business in this state is of a temporary nature; and

(b) the appraiser registers with the board.

(2) The out-of-state appraiser shall submit an application for temporary registration on a form prescribed by the board and pay the required fee. In addition, a letter of good standing or license history indicating that the applicant is currently in good standing must be submitted directly to the board's office from the applicant's state of certification or licensure, or the board may obtain a national registry appraiser license history report.

(3) The temporary registration is valid only for a single appraisal assignment within this state. The temporary registration may be awarded for a 6-month period and renewed one time within the 12-month period following the original date on which the temporary registration was issued.

(4) A single appraisal assignment may include one or more properties under a single contract with a single client.

History: En. Sec. 39, Ch. 492, L. 2001.