Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Certification

Certification Process -- Fees

37-54-302. Certification process -- fees. (1) An application for certification, original certification, or renewal of certification must be made in writing to the board on forms approved by the board.

(2) A fee established by the board by rule must accompany the application.

(3) When an applicant files an application for original certification or renewal of certification, the applicant shall sign a pledge to comply with the standards of professional appraisal practice established for certified real estate appraisers under 37-54-403 and affirm that the applicant understands the types of misconduct for which disciplinary action may be initiated under 37-1-308.

(4) To be eligible for original certification as a real estate appraiser, an applicant shall:

(a) specify the class or classes of certification for which the applicant is applying and provide evidence satisfactory to the board that the applicant has the education required for the class or classes of certification for which application is made;

(b) pass an examination prescribed by the board; and

(c) have the type and amount of experience in real estate appraisal prescribed by the board.

(5) A certificate issued under 37-54-305 must bear the signatures or facsimile signatures of the members of the board and a certificate number assigned by the board.

(6) As a prerequisite to certification as a real estate appraiser, the board shall require the applicant to submit fingerprints for the purpose of fingerprint and background checks by the Montana department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation as provided in 37-1-307.

(7) If an applicant has a history of criminal convictions, then pursuant to 37-1-203, the applicant has the opportunity to demonstrate to the board that the applicant is sufficiently rehabilitated to warrant the public trust, and if the board determines the applicant is not, the license may be denied.

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