Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. General Obligations of Employers


39-2-206. Definitions. As used in 39-2-205 through 39-2-211, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Alcohol" means an intoxicating agent in alcoholic beverages, ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol, or the hydrated oxide of ethyl.

(2) "Alcohol concentration" means the alcohol in a volume of breath expressed in terms of grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath, as indicated by an evidential breath test.

(3) "Controlled substance" means a dangerous drug, as defined in 49 CFR, part 40, except a drug used pursuant to a valid prescription or as authorized by law.

(4) (a) "Employee" means an individual engaged in the performance, supervision, or management of work in a:

(i) hazardous work environment;

(ii) security position; or

(iii) position:

(A) affecting public safety or public health;

(B) in which driving a motor vehicle is necessary for any part of the individual's work duties; or

(C) involving a fiduciary responsibility for an employer.

(b) The term does not include an independent contractor or an elected official who serves on the governing body of a local government.

(5) (a) "Employer" means a person or entity that has one or more employees and that is located in or doing business in Montana.

(b) The term includes the governing body of a local government.

(6) "Governing body" means the legislative authority of a local government.

(7) "Hazardous work environment" includes but is not limited to positions:

(a) for which controlled substance and alcohol testing is mandated by federal law, such as aviation, commercial motor carrier, railroad, pipeline, and commercial marine employees;

(b) that involve the operation of or work in proximity to construction equipment, industrial machinery, or mining activities; or

(c) that involve handling or proximity to flammable materials, explosives, toxic chemicals, or similar substances.

(8) "Local government" means a city, town, county, or consolidated city-county.

(9) "Medical review officer" means a licensed physician trained in the field of substance abuse.

(10) "Prospective employee" means an individual who has made a written or oral application to an employer to become an employee.

(11) "Qualified testing program" means a program to test for the presence of controlled substances and alcohol that meets the criteria set forth in 39-2-207 and 39-2-208.

(12) "Sample" means a urine specimen, a breath test, or oral fluid obtained in a minimally invasive manner and determined to meet the reliability and accuracy criteria accepted by laboratories for the performance of drug testing that is used to determine the presence of a controlled substance or alcohol.

History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 521, L. 1997; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 177, L. 2005; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 315, L. 2011.