Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Bargaining

Factfinding Proceedings

39-31-309. Factfinding proceedings. (1) The fact finder shall immediately establish dates and place of hearings.

(2) The public employer and the exclusive representative are the only proper parties to factfinding proceedings.

(3) Upon request of either party or the fact finder, the board shall issue subpoenas for hearings conducted by the fact finder. The fact finder may administer oaths.

(4) Upon completion of the hearings, but no later than 20 days from the date of appointment, the fact finder shall make written findings of facts and recommendations for resolution of the dispute and shall serve the findings on the public employer and the exclusive representative. The fact finder may make this report public 5 days after it is submitted to the parties. If the dispute is not resolved 15 days after the report is submitted to the parties, the report must be made public.

(5) When a party petitions the board to initiate factfinding, the cost of factfinding proceedings must be equally borne by the parties. When the board initiates factfinding, the cost of factfinding proceedings must be equally borne by the board and the parties.

(6) Nothing in 39-31-307 through 39-31-310 prohibits the fact finder from endeavoring to mediate the dispute in which the fact finder has been selected or appointed.

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