Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 24. Claims for Benefits

Prompt Payment Of Claims

39-51-2405. Prompt payment of claims. (1) Benefits must be paid promptly in accordance with the most recently issued:

(a) determination or redetermination under 39-51-2402;

(b) decision of an appeals referee under 39-51-2403;

(c) decision of the board under 39-51-2404; or

(d) decision of a reviewing court pursuant to a judicial review initiated under 39-51-2404.

(2) The filing of a request for redetermination, an appeal, or a request for judicial review may not delay or postpone the payment of benefits until the determination, redetermination, or decision has been modified or reversed.

(3) An individual considered eligible to receive benefits must be paid promptly regardless of any further appeal or disposition of an appeal that is not a final disposition of the case. An injunction, stay, writ, or other process suspending the payment of benefits may not be issued by the board or a court until the final disposition of the case.

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