Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 25. Extended Benefits

Eligibility Requirements For Extended Benefits -- Disqualifications -- Acceptance Of Suitable Work

39-51-2508. Eligibility requirements for extended benefits -- disqualifications -- acceptance of suitable work. (1) An individual is eligible to receive extended benefits with respect to any week of unemployment in this eligibility period only if the department finds with respect to the week that the individual:

(a) is an exhaustee, as defined in 39-51-2501;

(b) has been paid total wages for employment in the base period, as defined in 39-51-201, in an amount not less than:

(i) 1.5 times the wages earned in the calendar quarter in which wages were the highest during the base period;

(ii) 40 times the individual's most recent weekly benefit amount; or

(iii) insured wages for 20 weeks of work;

(c) is not disqualified for the receipt of regular benefits pursuant to part 23 of this chapter and, if disqualified, the individual satisfies the requirements for requalification in that part; and

(d) has satisfied the other requirements of this chapter for the receipt of regular benefits that are applicable to individuals claiming extended benefits.

(2) In addition to the disqualifications provided for in subsection (1)(c), an individual is disqualified for extended benefits if the individual fails to seek work. The disqualification continues for the week in which the failure occurs and until the individual has performed services, other than self-employment, for which remuneration is received equal to or in excess of the individual's weekly benefit amount in 4 separate weeks subsequent to the date the act causing the disqualification occurred.

(3) A regular benefit claimant who is disqualified for gross misconduct under 39-51-2303(2) may not be paid extended benefits unless the individual has earned at least eight times the weekly benefit amount after the date of the disqualification.

(4) A regular benefit claimant who voluntarily leaves work to attend school and, pursuant to 39-51-2302(3), requalifies for regular benefits may not be paid extended benefits unless the individual has earned at least six times the weekly benefit amount.

(5) For the purposes of determining eligibility for extended benefits, the department shall by rule define the term "suitable work". The definition must be in accordance with the requirements of 26 U.S.C. 3304.

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