Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Administrative Provisions

Hearings -- Rules Of Evidence -- Appeal, Rescission, Alteration, Or Amendment By Department Of Its Orders, Decisions, Or Awards -- Effect -- Appeal

39-71-204. Hearings -- rules of evidence -- appeal, rescission, alteration, or amendment by department of its orders, decisions, or awards -- effect -- appeal. (1) The statutory and common-law rules of evidence do not apply to a hearing before the department under this chapter. A petition for a hearing before the department must be filed within 2 years after benefits are denied.

(2) A hearing under this chapter may be conducted by telephone or by videoconference.

(3) The department has continuing jurisdiction over all its orders, decisions, and awards and may, at any time, upon notice, and after opportunity to be heard is given to the parties in interest, rescind, alter, or amend any order, decision, or award made by it upon good cause.

(4) Any order, decision, or award rescinding, altering, or amending a prior order, decision, or award has the same effect as original orders or awards.

(5) If a party is aggrieved by a department order, the party may appeal the dispute to the workers' compensation judge.

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