Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 4. Coverage, Liability, and Subrogation

Liability Of Employer Who Contracts Work Out

39-71-405. Liability of employer who contracts work out. (1) An employer who contracts with an independent contractor to have work performed of a kind which is a regular or a recurrent part of the work of the trade, business, occupation, or profession of such employer is liable for the payment of benefits under this chapter to the employees of the contractor if the contractor has not properly complied with the coverage requirements of the Worker's Compensation Act. Any insurer who becomes liable for payment of benefits may recover the amount of benefits paid and to be paid and necessary expenses from the contractor primarily liable therein.

(2) Where an employer contracts to have any work to be done by a contractor other than an independent contractor, and the work so contracted to be done is a part or process in the trade or business of the employer, then the employer is liable to pay all benefits under this chapter to the same extent as if the work were done without the intervention of the contractor, and the work so contracted to be done shall not be construed to be casual employment. Where an employer contracts work to be done as specified in this subsection, the contractor and the contractor's employees shall come under that plan of compensation adopted by the employer.

(3) Where an employer contracts any work to be done, wholly or in part for the employer, by an independent contractor, where the work so contracted to be done is casual employment as to such employer, then the contractor shall become the employer for the purposes of this chapter.

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