Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Uninsured Employers

Funding Of Fund -- Option For Agreement Between Department And Injured Employee

39-71-504. Funding of fund -- option for agreement between department and injured employee. The fund is funded in the following manner:

(1) (a) The department may require that the uninsured employer pay to the fund a penalty of either up to double the premium amount the employer would have paid on the payroll of the employer's workers in this state if the employer had been enrolled with compensation plan No. 3 or $200, whichever is greater. In determining the premium amount for the calculation of the penalty under this subsection, the department shall make an assessment based on how much premium would have been paid on the employer's past 3-year payroll for periods within the 3 years when the employer was uninsured.

(b) The fund shall collect from an uninsured employer an amount equal to all benefits paid or to be paid from the fund to or on behalf of an injured employee of the uninsured employer.

(c) In addition to any amounts recovered under subsections (1)(a) and (1)(b), the fund shall collect a penalty of $200 from an employer that fails to obtain Montana workers' compensation insurance within 30 days of notice of the requirement.

(2) (a) An uninsured employer that fails to make timely penalty or claim reimbursement payments required under this part must be assessed a late fee of $50 for each late payment.

(b) Any unpaid balance owed to the fund under this part must accrue interest at 12% a year or 1% a month or fraction of a month. Interest on unpaid balances accrues from the date of the original billing.

(c) Late fees and interest assessed pursuant to this subsection (2) must be deposited into the fund for payment of administrative expenses and benefits.

(3) The department may enter into an agreement with the injured employee or the employee's beneficiaries to assign to the employee or the beneficiaries all or part of the funds collected by the department from the uninsured employer pursuant to subsection (1)(b).

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