Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 6. Claims for Benefits

Termination Of Benefits By Insurer -- Department Order To Pay Disputed Benefits Prior To Hearing Or Mediation -- Limitation On Order -- Right Of Reimbursement

39-71-610. Termination of benefits by insurer -- department order to pay disputed benefits prior to hearing or mediation -- limitation on order -- right of reimbursement. If an insurer terminates biweekly compensation benefits and the termination of compensation benefits is disputed by the claimant, the department may, upon written request, order an insurer to pay additional biweekly compensation benefits prior to a hearing before the workers' compensation court or prior to mediation, but the biweekly compensation benefits may not be ordered to be paid under this section for a period exceeding 49 days or for any period subsequent to the date of the hearing or mediation. A party may appeal this order to the workers' compensation court. A proceeding in the workers' compensation court brought pursuant to this section is a new proceeding and is not subject to mediation. If after a hearing before the workers' compensation court it is held that the insurer was not liable for the compensation payments ordered by the department, the insurer has the right to be reimbursed for the payments by the claimant.

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