Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 7. Compensation and Benefits Generally

Assignment Or Attachment Of Payments

39-71-743. Assignment or attachment of payments. (1) Payments under this chapter are not assignable, subject to attachment or garnishment, or held liable in any way for debts, except:

(a) as provided in 71-3-1118;

(b) a portion of any lump-sum award or periodic payment to pay a monetary obligation for current or past-due child support, subject to the limitations in subsection (2), whenever the support obligation is established by order of a court of competent jurisdiction or by order rendered in an administrative process authorized by state law;

(c) as provided in 53-2-612 or 53-2-613 for medical benefits paid pursuant to this chapter;

(d) as provided in 39-71-742; or

(e) for workers' compensation benefits payable to an injured worker to pay restitution to an insurer whenever the injured worker is subject to court-ordered restitution for theft of workers' compensation benefits. The insurer shall notify the injured worker in writing of the withholding of any court-ordered restitution from the injured worker's benefits.

(2) Payments under this chapter are subject to assignment, attachment, or garnishment for child support as follows:

(a) for any periodic payment, an amount up to the percentage amount established in the guidelines promulgated by the department of public health and human services pursuant to 40-5-209; or

(b) for any lump-sum award, an amount up to that portion of the award that is necessary to pay current child support and a past-due child support obligation.

(3) After determination that the claim is covered under the Workers' Compensation Act, the liability for payment of the claim is the responsibility of the appropriate workers' compensation insurer. Except as provided in 39-71-704(11), a fee or charge is not payable by the injured worker for treatment of injuries sustained if liability is accepted by the insurer.

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