Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 9. Subsequent Injury Received by Vocationally Handicapped

Certification As Person With Disability -- Eligibility For Benefits Under Fund

39-71-905. Certification as person with disability -- eligibility for benefits under fund. (1) A person who wishes to be certified as a person with a disability for purposes of this part shall apply to the department on forms furnished by the department. The department shall conduct an investigation and shall issue a certificate to a person who, in the department's discretion, meets the requirements for certification. A person shall apply for certification before an injury occurs that is covered by this part. The certification is effective retroactively to the date the department received the application.

(2) If a claimant has met the provisions of subsection (1) and a subsequent claim has been accepted by an insurer, the claim is eligible for the benefits under the fund.

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