Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 21. Compensation Plan Number One

General Requirements For Electing Coverage Under Plan

39-71-2101. General requirements for electing coverage under plan. (1) An employer may elect to be bound by compensation plan No. 1 upon furnishing satisfactory proof to the department and the Montana self-insurers guaranty fund of solvency and financial ability to pay the compensation and benefits provided for in this chapter and to discharge all liabilities that are reasonably likely to be incurred during the fiscal year for which the election is effective. The employer may, by order of the department and with the concurrence of the guaranty fund, make the payments directly to employees as they become entitled to receive payments under the terms and conditions of this chapter.

(2) Employers who comply with the provisions of this chapter and who are participating in collectively bargained, jointly administered Taft-Hartley trust funds are eligible to provide self-insured workers' compensation benefits for their employees.

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