Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 21. Compensation Plan Number One

Failure Of Employer To Pay Benefits -- Duty Of Department

39-71-2108. Failure of employer to pay benefits -- duty of department. Upon the failure of the employer to pay any benefits provided for in this chapter upon the terms, in the amounts, and at the times when the benefits become due and payable, the department shall, upon demand of the person to whom benefits are due, apply any deposits made with the department to the payment of the benefits, and the department shall take the proper steps to convert any securities on deposit with the department or sufficient deposits to pay the liabilities of the employer accruing under the terms of this chapter. The department shall, when necessary, collect and enforce the collection of the liability of all sureties upon any bonds that may be given by the employer to ensure the payment of the employer's liability. The department is considered the owner of the deposit and security and the obligee in the bond in trust for the purposes and may proceed in its own name to recover upon the bonds or foreclose and liquidate the securities. All interest earnings on liquidated security deposits must be retained by the department for payment of benefits pursuant to this section.

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