Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 23. Compensation Plan Number Three


39-71-2312. Definitions. Unless the context requires otherwise, in this part the following definitions apply:

(1) "Board" means the board of directors of the state compensation insurance fund provided for in 2-15-1019.

(2) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of insurance as provided in 2-15-1903.

(3) "Executive director" means the chief executive officer of the state compensation insurance fund.

(4) "Fiscal year" means for the purposes of the state fund under Title 33 and this part the period from January 1 in one year to December 31 of that same year. A fiscal year for the purposes of assessments under Title 39, chapter 71, is as defined in 39-71-116.

(5) "Guaranteed market" means the insurer that is required to insure any employer in this state who requests to insure their liability for workers' compensation and occupational disease coverage and that may not refuse to provide coverage unless an employer or the employer's principals have defaulted on an obligation and the default remains unsatisfied.

(6) "State fund" means the state compensation insurance fund provided for in 39-71-2313 that serves as the guaranteed market for this state. It is also known as compensation plan No. 3 or plan No. 3.

History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 613, L. 1989; amd. Sec. 14, Ch. 630, L. 1993; amd. Sec. 9, Ch. 26, L. 2005; amd. Sec. 13, Ch. 320, L. 2015.