Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 23. Compensation Plan Number Three

Management Of State Fund -- Powers And Duties Of Board -- Business Plan Required

39-71-2315. Management of state fund -- powers and duties of board -- business plan required. (1) The management and control of the state fund is vested in the board, subject to the statutory limitations imposed by this part.

(2) The board is vested with full power, authority, and jurisdiction over the state fund except that the board may not dissolve or liquidate the state fund. To fulfill the objectives and intent of this part, the board may perform all acts necessary or convenient in the exercise of any power, authority, or jurisdiction over the administration of the state fund or in connection with the insurance business to be carried on under the provisions of this part, as fully and completely as the governing body of a private mutual insurance carrier and subject to the regulatory authority of the insurance commissioner in Title 33, except as provided in 33-1-115 and 39-71-2375.

(3) Neither the board, the state fund, nor the executive director may issue bonds on behalf of the state fund.

(4) (a) The board shall adopt a business plan no later than December 31 for the next fiscal year.

(b) At a minimum, the plan must include:

(i) specific goals for the fiscal year for financial performance. The standard for measurement of financial performances must include an evaluation of premium to surplus.

(ii) specific goals for the fiscal year for operating performance. Goals must include but not be limited to specific performance standards for staff in the area of senior management, underwriting, and claims administration. Goals must, in general, maximize efficiency, economy, and equity as allowed by law.

(5) The business plan must be available upon request to the general public for a fee not to exceed the actual cost of publication. However, performance goals relating to a specific employment position are confidential and not available to the public.

(6) No sooner than January 1 or later than March 31, the board shall convene a public meeting to review the performance of the state fund, using the business plan for comparison of all the established goals and targets. The board shall publish, by May 30 of each year, a report of the state fund's actual performance as compared to the business plan.

(7) The state fund board of directors shall establish in-house guidelines for procurement of insurance-related services and shall include guidelines for the solicitation of submissions of information regarding insurance-related services from more than one vendor. The board may include guidelines for the circumstances when business necessity or expedience may preclude the solicitation of submissions from more than one vendor. The board may also include in the guidelines the exemptions to the procurement process in 18-4-132.

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