Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 23. Compensation Plan Number Three

Workplace Safety Program

39-71-2331. Workplace safety program. (1) An employer that is not eligible for the tier with the lowest-rated premium for workers' compensation purposes is eligible to join a state fund pooled risk safety group, as provided in 39-71-2332, if the employer:

(a) adopts and maintains a written, comprehensive workplace safety program that has been in place for more than 1 year and that meets the criteria established by rule implementing Title 39, chapter 71, part 15;

(b) adopts transitional and return-to-work programs;

(c) has at least 3 years of experience without losses;

(d) uses available safety consultation services or programs offered by the department or the state fund. Safety consultation may be provided to individual employers or to groups. The department and the state fund shall notify each employer in a group, as provided in 39-71-2332, regarding the availability of safety and return-to-work resources.

(e) complies with the terms and conditions of the state fund pooled risk safety group as provided in 39-71-2332.

(2) The state fund and the department shall share information on workplace safety programs and transitional and return-to-work programs.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 218, L. 2009.