Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 23. Compensation Plan Number Three

Agency Law -- Annual Report

39-71-2363. Agency law -- annual report. (1) The state fund is subject to state laws applying to state agencies, except as otherwise provided by law, and it is exempt from the provisions of The Legislative Finance Act in Title 5, chapter 12, and the provisions of Title 17, chapter 7, parts 1 through 4. The state fund may use the debt collection procedures provided in Title 17, chapter 4, part 1.

(2) (a) Except as provided in 2-15-2015, the executive director shall annually submit to the board for its approval an estimated budget of the entire expense of administering the state fund for the succeeding fiscal year, with due regard to the business interests and contract obligations of the state fund. A copy of the approved budget must be delivered to the governor and the legislature.

(b) Dividends may not be included as administrative expenditures as provided in subsection (2)(a) but are a disbursement of excess surplus pursuant to 39-71-2323 after a determination by the state fund of income from operations.

(3) The board shall submit an annual financial report to the governor and to the legislature as provided in 5-11-210, indicating the business done by the state fund during the previous year and containing a statement of the estimated liabilities of the state fund as determined by an independent actuary.

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