Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 24. Mediation

Limitations On Mediation Proceedings

39-71-2410. Limitations on mediation proceedings. (1) Except as may be necessary for the workers' compensation court to rule on issues arising under 39-71-2401(4)(c) or 39-71-2411(8)(c), mediation proceedings must be:

(a) held in private;

(b) informal and held without a verbatim record; and

(c) confidential.

(2) All communications, verbal or written, from the parties to the mediator and any information and evidence presented to the mediator during the proceeding are confidential.

(3) A mediator's files and records are closed to all persons but the parties.

(4) (a) A mediator may not be called to testify in any proceeding concerning the issues discussed in the mediation process.

(b) The mediator's report and any of the information or recommendations contained in the report are not admissible as evidence in any action subsequently brought in any court of law.

(5) Subsections (1) through (4) do not prohibit a mediator from issuing a report and the parties and the mediator may be required to attend a conference before the workers' compensation court as set forth in 39-71-2411.

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